A Passion for Giving

Cricket owned a rental property which she no longer needed for personal income. She decided to donate the property to The Community Foundation; this was facilitated through our supporting organization, The Real Estate Foundation. Upon receipt of the donation, the Foundation sold the rental property and the proceeds were used to create a donor advised fund for Cricket.

From her donor advised fund, Cricket supports a wide variety of arts-focused nonprofit organizations. Cricket has grown to develop a strong relationship with The Community Foundation and has learned about the issues and needs in our community by regularly attending our In Our Backyard education series for donors. Her intent is for her children to serve as successor advisors to their donor advised fund, including a bequest in her trust paperwork for her Donor Advised Fund.

Partners in Philanthropy

Randy, a retired professor, published a successful textbook at the top of his field; he receives regular income from sales of his textbook. Since they do not have children, Randy and his wife Sally were interested in giving back to support needs in our community; however, they did not know where to start.

Their estate attorney referred Randy and Sally to The Community Foundation where they created a donor advised fund. Each year, Randy and Sally give a donation to their donor advised fund and they look to the Foundation for philanthropic services in helping them support quality organizations serving our community. As a result, they have developed strong relationships with local nonprofit organizations and have gotten involved in a volunteer capacity.



How We Serve You