Real estate values in San Luis Obispo County were affected by the most recent economic recession, but they remain higher today than they were a decade ago. Owners can unlock the value of their property for themselves and their favorite charity through proper planning with their professional advisors.

Many nonprofits are reluctant to accept donations of real estate because of the complexities and risks involved. Real estate transactions can be time-consuming and involve a certain amount of risk and liability. When focusing on a real estate gift, the staff of a nonprofit is not focusing on program and service delivery.

The Real Estate Foundation was created in order to allow nonprofits to benefit from real estate donations without having to take on the numerous tasks and obligations such gifts entail. The donor gives the property to the Real Estate Foundation, and the Real Estate Foundation manages the sale of the property, and transfers the proceeds to the donor’s favorite charity. The Real Estate Foundation provides nonprofits a powerful tool for receiving more major gifts.